Mantano Project – coffee for a better world and a better work.

Mantano means "working together and one for another".

Transparent Supply Chain - more than fair trade 

Mantano project helps companies to obtain world-class coffee through a transparent and social responsible supply chain. to establish the appreciation of quality as a key value of their company culture.

We organically grow coffee with our farmers, control the quality of the beans and directly trade the unique specialty coffees.  At the same time, we focus on the social impact: we evolve education, skills, employment and foster biodiversity.



Passionate Farmers 


Beginning with the cultivation of the coffee plant, we focus on fair working standards and payment, best quality and environmentally friendly processes in the plantations. Therefor we work with the farmers in a personal way.

Selected Coffee Beans

The farmers collect the coffee beans carefully and with the eye of an expert. The selection of the appropriate and sustainable processing methods ensures the quality of the coffee.

Direct Trade

We directly import the coffee beans from the well-known production areas all over the world. That allows us to obtain the best-quality coffee and protect fair working standards on the plantation.

Fresh roasting

Freshness and quality matters. Therefore, we are extremely dedicated to find the best roasting profiles for our coffees. We individually adapt the profiles to your companies taste and needs.

Best Flavour and Quality

We are obsessed with great coffee. Our coffees have the highest quality and unique taste. Only the best for your company and your employees – because you are worth it.



Make your company social and attractive
  • Be socially responsible!

With our specialty coffee, you directly support social projects in communities all over the world. Those projects focus on education, economics and sustainability in the farmer’s communities.


  • Value your employees!

Coffee matters in the working live. Say “you’re valued” to your employees by the gift of best-tasting and transparent-traded coffee.


  • Be different!

Great-tasting and fair traded coffee makes your company special for your employees, for your customers and partners.

Specialty Coffee with social impact

We serve companies with a range of coffee beans and pads that we participate in growing and roasting. We assure quality based on OUR standards which sometimes involve external certifications like organic (US, EU) and FairTrade.

Quality Control

We make sure that you will only get the quality that you are looking for.



A careful and gentle roasting process optimized to fit your needs.



We can deliver larger quantities by still maintaining a transparent and fair supply-chain.


Social Impact

We can achieve a sustainable and measurable social impact.


Examples of realized projects

In our social projects, we cooperate with the Cocafcal Cooperative. Our aim is to help the local communities in the producing countries to fight hunger and poverty, to improve their education and economy and to establish environmentally friendly standards.

  • “Kids for Coffee”: Tuition classes for all children at the farm with the aim to remove school failure
  • “Junior Agents” program: Children learn about and promote sustainability in the day to day lives of their community
  • Women coffee roasting association: Women without husband learn to roast the produced coffee and sell them on the local market. It is their opportunity to gain a stable salary.
  • A sustainable production system according to the protocol of the Sustainable Agriculture Network to preserve wildlife and biodiversity
  • Virtual universities: Those universities allow the young people in the rural areas to obtain a higher education in a local university by participating in class via Internet.
  • Coffee courses for farmers: The aim of those courses is to establish a holistic coffee education for farmers, from the plantation to roasting and brewing methods. This allows them to obtain a second salary.

Make your company more social and more special.

With specialty coffee traded transparently, directly from the farmer.

For a better world and for a better work.

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Mantano Project is a social entrepreneurship project of AGÁTA Rösterei & Café